Want to know the secret to my total body transformation?

Want to know the secret to my total body transformation?






Hi, I’m Jason Quin from ETCH Sparkling.


The secret?… I dropped one ingredient out of my diet in 2018. The impact of that change has saved my life.

I hail indirectly from the hospo industry. Wine was my trade and career. A ripping one too. I spent 23 wonderful years working across production through merchant in Australia, New Zealand and France.


Reason for sharing my story as a part of The White Jacket Effects Hospo Health challenge. is to lift the vail of fear and shame, to open discussions of opportunity, growth, help, and plant the seed of honesty with ourselves to live the best life we can in our own way. That last one is the key.


I knew my alcohol consumption needed to stop. I appreciate this one ingredient is a major part of hospitality in Australia. I am not here to push a point of view in any direction. If people can consume safely, then good for you. But you can use this as an opportunity to check in on your relationship with booze, habits and behaviours, then do so before real problems can occur. The line gets blurry, and once its crossed its an uphill battle to regain self esteem and self worth. Its far better to catch yourself upstream.

Health practices and in particular running for me, have been integral to my recovery. I am fortunate to live on the Mornington Peninsula surrounded by lovely bay trails or mountain and bush tracks to immerse in nature. For me getting active with discipline and with others, is integral to mental health development, spiritual health appreciation and awareness , and physical health supplements the former. I now sleep well. I have real energy. Mental awareness and capacity has clarity. Motivation is back. Inspiration is back.

Appreciating not all choose to run with the same enthusiasm as I do, that’s not the point, its about finding what works for you on a daily basis to move, ground yourself and allow your mind, body and soul some space to rest and recuperate from our busy and challenging worlds.

Maybe a re-frame on this months challenge could be viewed as such….. If you don’t like the results after 30 days well you can always go back to old and known habits and practices. I bet, if you give it a real go you might just surprise yourself and tweak a few things for the better in a sustainable way.

Go well.


Jason Quin

ETCH Sparkling

Every Time Choose Health

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