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The White Jacket Effect is an organisation dedicated to improving the  professionalism, performance, culture and well-being of the hospitality industry through education, raising awareness, and providing introduction to other quality support and services.

Our vision is to open up dialogue about the condition of the Hospitality Industry, educate and provide new foundations that support sustainable growth and put an end to suffering in silence – globally.

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Proudly show your support for The White Jacket Effect by wearing the official uniform. Designed by Chef Works using their best-selling range.

We thank Chef Works so much for their support. Together we can lift the health of the hospitality industry and abolish suffering in silence.

Our ‘Get Fresh Foundations’ Course

To be really honest, the only thing that separates us from having a life that’s more passionate, healthier, wealthier and purposeful is our knowledge.  Deep down, you know you are an incredible human being but there’s things that get in the way of you achieving it.

The White Jacket Effect has identified the need to clean up the toxic culture in the industry. So, we teamed up with some incredible people who specialise in performance enhancement, personal development and motivation.

If you want to experience a change and desire the tools to make your own personal transformation, we have created a unique course for you. It gives you the power and shows you what’s been stopping you from achieving the career goals, business success and life you’ve always wanted.

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These events are part of The White Jacket Effect’s campaign to open up dialogue about the condition of the industry and how to tackle the big issues. 

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Amber is the real deal.

Her commitment to helping others in the hospitality industry is inspirational.

Peter Gilmore – Executive Chef, The Quay Sydney

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